25 of May 2021

Night Videos

On Tuesday 25 of May 2021 the thirteenth version of the Video Night of the Marine Sciences Congresses will be held. Event participants are invited to submit unpublished videos of their favorite organizations and works. The deadline for the reception of videos will be until Sunday 2 May 2021.

Participation requirements:

We invite undergraduate and graduate students (regular student certificate must be attached), to prepare a video that informs in an entertaining way on some topic of marine science to compete for the Best Video Award 2021. Some examples of the previous versions can be seen in: www.youtube.com/Nochedevideos

Video requirements:

  • The videos should be focused on the area of ​​marine biology and marine science, delivering a clear message (not., protection, conservation, fisheries, education, Environmental care, etc.) and in an entertaining way.
  • They must be original, free theme, being able to incorporate animation, texts, song, among others.
  • The maximum duration is 5 minutes.
  • Videos must be sent in one of the following .mpg formats, .mkv, .mov, .avi ó .wmp. through the congress platform. https://profile.4id.science/schcm20/register


  • Those interested in participating, must follow the following instructions available here
  • The videos will be reviewed by the organization and subsequently evaluated by a jury made up of professors from universities that teach degrees in marine sciences., photographers and documentary makers.


  • The best video will be chosen based on its quality and originality.


  • All participants will receive a digital certificate.

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