19 of May 2021


Protected Areas of the Magallanes region and Chilean Antarctica

Description: The objective of the webinar is to lay the foundations of both the opportunities and challenges of networking in the MPAs of Magallanes, in order to understand and integrate the different visions that are held about protected areas.

Wednesday 19 of May 2021 at 17:00 h (Continental Chile) Y 18:00 h (Magallanes)

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18:00 – 18:10General context of MPAs in Magallanes, by Juan Francisco Pizarro, of the Ministry of the Environment.
18:10 – 19:25Planning Processes:
Francisco Coloane y Seno Almirantazgo Protected Coastal Marine Area for Multiple Use, by Nykol Jara from Wildlife Conservation Society - Chile (WCS).Bahía Lomas Nature Sanctuary, by Carmen Espoz from Universidad Santo Tomas.

Diego Ramírez Paso Drake Marine Park, by Sebastián Rosenfeld from Universidad de Magallanes

Diego Ramírez Paso Drake Marine Park, by Gustavo San Martín from SUBPESCA.

Kawésqar National Reserve, by Jorge González from the National Forestry Corporation.

19: 25 – 20:00 Challenges and opportunities to create a Network of Protected Areas in the region.