Prof. Nicholas Narváez pardoned

Science prize to honor the Marina 2021
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Polychaetes why yesterday, today and tomorrow?: my history and the history of the polychaetes in Chile


Nicolás Rozbaczylo Narvaez, born in Santiago de Chile in 1948, He is currently Legal Representative and researcher of the Company FAUNAMAR Ltda., Environmental Consulting and Marine Research, since the year 2012. He graduated as Professor of Biology and Natural Sciences at the University of Chile the year 1973. On 1974 He entered the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Biological Sciences Faculty, until the year 2014, where he served as Associate Professor, in the Department of Ecology. He carried out academic improvement activities in the USA, Brazil and Chile, such as: “International Training Program in the Marine Sciences”, Duke University Marine Laboratory, North Carolina, U.S.A, and "First Special Course on Zoological Systematics", Federal University of Sao Carlos, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Within your work experience, He was a Member of the Advisory Council of the Center for Teacher Development, of the Academic Vice-rectory; Titular Representative of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in the National Oceanographic Committee (CONA); Member of the Executive Committee of the CIMAR Program, and Member of the Aquatic Biodiversity Group of CONA. At the Catholic University he was in charge of Zoology courses, Ecology and systematics of polychaetes, Aquatic invertebrate zoology, Systematics and animal phylogeny, Biology of organisms and communities, Biology and Animal Diversity and Marine Invertebrates, that allowed him to share his knowledge and experience about our marine fauna with Biology and Marine Biology students.

His research activities were always, and even today they are still focused on the marine area, invertebrates and particularly in taxonomy and ecology of benthic and pelagic marine polychaetes of the Southeast Pacific along the coast of Chile and Oceanic islands, and in solving numerous taxonomic problems that affect many of the species registered in Chile. In co-authorship with other researchers he has so far described 12 new species of polychaetes off the coast of continental Chile, Juan Fernández archipelago, Rapa Nui and Unfortunate Islands, and several others are in the process of being described as new to science and the Chilean sea. Since the year 2002 has participated as Principal Investigator in 11 CIMAR Fjords and Islands projects, contributing to the knowledge of the marine diversity and the benthic polychaetofauna of the southern fjords and channels area in 13 Scientific Publications. Has published 70 scientific papers of his specialty in national and international journals, 10 Chapters of the book, and done 90 presentations at national and international conferences of their specialty. He has directed Theses and Research Seminars and, at the moment, Professional and extramural practices, for Marine Biologists.

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