Submission of abstracts

Abstracts reception deadline until 31 of March. Workshops and symposia until 11 of April 2021.

Abstracts are received through the platform available at Each must be attributed to one of the thematic areas:Áreas-Marinas-Protegidas-Conservación-y-Sustentabilidad.png

Marine Protected Areas, Conservation and Sustainabilityía-Marina-.png

Marine Archeologyía.png

Biodiversity and Ecologyía-Acuicultura-y-Pesquerías.png

Biotechnology, Fisheries and Aquacultureón-Marina.png

Marine contaminationón-de-las-Ciencias-e-Innovación-Científica-.png

Dissemination of Science and Innovation Scienceón-y-Genética.png

Evolution and Geneticsón-Integrada-Zonas-Costeras.png

Integrated Coastal Zone Managementía-Marina.png

Marine microbiologyía-Física-y-Química-Biológica-y-Biogeoquímica.png

Physical Oceanography and Biological Chemistry and Biogeochemistryía.png


reconstruction Paleoenvironmental

Format summaries:

  • Languages: Spanish and English.
  • Title (Capitalized max. 30 words), Author(it is), affiliations O email of the exhibitor and funding sources They are shown in a separate window on the abstract submission platform.
  • The abstract should be concise (maximum 350 words) and include a brief description of the scientific problem, objectives, methods, the main results and conclusions, without headers (Introduction, Materials and methods, results, conclusion).
  • The use of italics (itálica) It is restricted to genus or species names.
  • No They may include figures, boards or references bibliographical.

Abstracts that do not meet the requirements described in these instructions will not be evaluated.

exhibitors (socio, no member or student) must disenroll assistance through management platform congress. For nonmembers, It will be accepted up to two jobs per attendee or participant, while for Partners there is no limit to the number job.

For inquiries or suggestions addressed to the Organizing Committee: