Matias Mayor

Conference title:
"Enabling conditions for the implementation of successful coastal-marine policies in Chile"


Matías Mayor He is a Civil Engineer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile with a diploma in Hydraulic Engineering. He was one of the founders of the NGO Costa Sur post earthquake and tsunami of the year 2010, and later the GiveSurf Foundation that is dedicated to establishing extracurricular educational programs based on surfing in coastal communities of Chile.

He has worked as a water resources engineer, Project developer, financial controller in Private Equity and Hotel manager (Hotel Alaia). He was Executive Director of the Punta de Lobos Foundation for 4 years, whose task was to establish a perpetual Conservation project on the coastal edge of Punta de Lobos. Matías is a member of the Chilean Environmental Philanthropy Network, whose purpose is to facilitate the political-technical discussion aimed at achieving an Environmental Philanthropy Law for Chile.

At present, works leading the Chile-California Council (Chile-California Council), whose mission is to promote a mutually beneficial relationship for Chile and California from a public-private perspective, on issues involving Nature and People, from a Scientific-Technological point of view, with special focus on transferring learning curves in coastal matters and clean energy

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