Instructions for uploading presentations in oral mode and virtual panel

Then, You will find the instructions to upload your presentation on the platform of the XL Congress of Marine Sciences.

Preliminary aspects

– You must log in with your username and password at

– From the dashboard (main screen), You should go to the module "Upload presentation"

– To upload a presentation, you must have created an abstract before and it must be accepted.

– You can choose between:

o Record a video

o Upload a video (optimal format in MP4, maximum weight of 500 mb)

o Upload a PDF document (maximum weight of 32 mb)

The maximum term to upload the presentations and / or documents It will be until Friday 14 of May.

Oral thematic session (includes symposia and onboarding papers)

  • It will consist of a previously recorded videowho must get on the platform or record it on it directly.
  • Maximum duration of 10 minutes, where the author must present the accepted work. Additionally you can attach on the same platform, your presentation in PDF format.

Virtual panel thematic session

  • It will consist of presenting presentations of few slides (3 a 4 slides in power point or similar), with dimensions 16:9 (average size presentation), O well, a PDF document of 3 a 4 sheets. What's more, you must record your voice in the background explaining your virtual panel.
  • Maximum duration of 5 minutes.

Instructions on the platform

  1. Access the Organizer panel with your username and password.
  2. Go to the section "Upload presentation"
  3. Select the job and click on "Upload presentation"
  4. Select the type of file you want to upload and proceed to upload it to the platform.
  5. If you select Record a video, you can choose between: Record screen and audio / Record camera and audio / Record screen and camera. If you select “Upload a video", you can do it in MP4 format, AVI o MKV. We recommend the MP4 format.
  6. In the case of uploading a previously recorded video, this should be, for example, a recording in meet or zoom, of the author presenting his work.
  7. If you additionally want to upload a PDF document, you must indicate which option corresponds.
  8. Once you have uploaded all your files, you can preview them in "Actions".
  9. You can delete your files by clicking on the "Delete" icon..