Francis Pérez

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Photography and audiovisual documentation as a conservation tool


Francis Perez, born in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, is a professional underwater photographer, conservationist and graduate in Economics specializing in regional economics, started diving in the year 1994 and in underwater photography in the 2001. Sea and diving lover, portrays the underwater world with its own style. His photographs reflect his world in places like Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, South Africa, Mozambique, Micronesia, Philippines, Galapagos, Papua (Indonesia), Mexico, Chile, Mauritius and especially the Canary Islands, your favorite place to dive.

He is a regular contributor to National Geographic Spain on issues of biodiversity in the marine environment of the Canary Islands. He has published in numerous prestigious magazines such as National Geographic(USA and Spain),Aqua (Spain),Scuba Diving (EE.UU), Submerge (South Africa), Scuba Diver Australasia (Singapore), Dive Photo Guide (USA), GEO (Spain and Germany), Diving (Germany), Big Issue (Australia and Korea), Sportdiver (EE.UU) among other. He has collaborated in numerous magazines and books, some of world-wide edition like the "Blue Hope" of Silvia Earle published by National Geographic, whose cover is occupied by one of his photos, as well as the book 50 Anniversary of the Red List of Endangered Species of the International Union for Conservation of Nature. He is a member of the SeaLegacy Collective 2019, a distinguished group of world-renowned photographers and filmmakers with a combined audience of over 6.3 millions of people.

Founding member of Pelagic Life Canarias (Europe) 2017. Environmental association based on the pelagic life of the oceans based in the Canary Islands. In the 2015 was appointed a member of the international association Ocean Artist Society. In recent years he has been awarded numerous international awards, including:: Wildlife Phototgrapher of the Year 2020 from the Natural History Museum, London. "Highly Commended" in the Nature Photojournalism Category. Siena Photo Contest 2020. 3Ranked, documentary and photojournalism category. World Press Photo 2017, Nature category first prize (Singles). For the planet, (National Geographic, Televisa and the Government of Mexico) 2015, First prize for underwater photography Scuba Diving Magazine 2015 Constest Photo. (USA), First prize, Angular Category.

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