Important dates

Abstract submission

Receipt of abstracts and proposals for special sessions (symposia and workshops) starts from the 30 from December to 2019. The deadline for submission of abstracts is 31 March 2020.

The deadline for submitting proposals for special sessions (symposia, workshops, workshops) will be the 10 February 2020. These proposals must be submitted via the online form available, O well, according to invitation of INACH, filling this form. It also can send request with title, objectives and brief description, number of attendees expected to post: c.c.:,, Y

Abstracts will be received by platform 4ID registration, access also available in As it has happened in recent years, should only send standard summary. Acceptance of papers will be informed before the 15 April 2020.

For nonmembers SCHCM, A maximum of two works will be accepted per attendee or participant, while for SCHCM Partners will not limit the number of jobs.

Instructions for the preparation and submission of abstracts are available on the website

There is also the option of sending abstracts work mode joining the Chilean Society of Sciences of the Sea by oral presentation. This presentation at the conference will feature a panel of evaluators partners. For inquiries write to