Enrique Talledo

Conference title:
A life under the sea. Protection and conservation of our oceans.
Tuesday 26 of May 2020. University of Magallanes.


Enrique Talledo is documentarian, camera and underwater photographer. Specializing in capturing the life of the oceans and their problems. He is the Director of "Secrets of the Ocean", an ambitious underwater filming in the waters of every continent. Recently awarded at different international festivals, This environmental education project aims to create a stream of awareness among younger, to publicize and protect the planet's oceans.

He has documented over funds 30 countries over 26 years. He has participated in 25 Scientific oceanographic expeditions hand Oceana Foundation, as camera and / or underwater photographer.

He is the author of numerous publications (books, journals, Tv) including media such as National Geographic, The Guardian, Lonely Planet, European Union, Spanish Institute of Oceanography, Biodiversity Foundation. own publication Book “Cantabria under the sea”. He has won more than one hundred awards (Twice CHAMPION SPAIN Hunting photographic lung and runner-up country WORLD, Finalist in the awards Wildlife Photographer of the year ...).

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