Dr. Huw Griffiths

Conference title:
Understanding and protecting Antarctic marine biodiversity in a changing world


Huw Griffiths is a marine biogeographer with an interest in the Polar Regions. He completed a PhD in Southern Ocean marine biogeography with the British Antarctic Survey, and Open University. Huw studies large-scale biogeographic and ecological patterns in space and time, using selected groups of animals to investigate trends in distribution in the Polar Regions, and also large biological and physical databases to understand key processes in the Antarctic, Arctic and neighbouring regions. Huw also studies, the potential effects of marine protected areas, Climate change, and plastic pollution on these unique ecosystems..

He is an editor of the SCAR Biogeographic Atlas of the Southern Ocean, and the Co-chair and theme leader for Spatial Ecology of the SCAR, scientific research programme AntEco (State of the Antarctic Ecosystem). He has worked for the British Antarctic Survey since June 2000 and has participated in several expeditions to Antarctica investigating benthic biodiversity and biogeography..

Huw is a passionate, believer in science communication, and making science more accessible to the public, policy makers and government. He regularly, presents his work to the media, schools, open days and special events and has written two plain language advice documents for the Antarctic Environments Portal on marine biodiversity and plastic pollution.

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