Friday 29 of May 2020

conversatorio: What is our role as scientists / young people in protecting the Southern Ocean?

University of Magallanes

Coordinator: Borras-Chavez Renato, Center of Applied Ecology and Sustainability (CAPES), Catholic University of Chile

Secretary: Zambra López, University of Chile
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The Association of Young Researchers Polares (APECS: Association of Polar Early Career Scientists) It is an international and interdisciplinary association of young studying different levels of scientific careers, whose areas of research focus in polar regions. Its mission is to contribute to the profile of scientific / young people, delivering professional development opportunities, and generate and transmit to its members, development options and professional exchange worldwide.

From this perspective and according to the objectives of APECS-Chile, the discussion group to be held in XL Congress of Sea Sciences, It proposes view some relevant aspects of the relationship between the sciences that are currently underway in the Antarctic continent and ocean protection.

Protection of the Southern Ocean is without a doubt one of the most important tasks today, because with the continent, they play a crucial role in the processes of atmospheric and oceanic circulation worldwide product of its close connection. Nevertheless, today there is not much clarity what are the mechanisms of governance and the role that science plays in protecting the continent and the Southern Ocean. Chile plays a crucial role because of the geographical proximity and access to the white continent, which it gives us an even greater responsibility for the protection of Antarctic and subantarctic systems. At present, much of the development of science related to these systems, It is performed by researchers / as in early stages of their careers (for example, undergraduate and graduate, postdoctorado), the / which will attend the XL Congress of Sea Sciences. For this, the purpose of this discussion group is to create an information space regarding these issues for marine scientific community that you are interested in polar science, particularly focusing on students and young researchers, but certainly open to all who wish to attend and / or participate in the discussion.

The discussion will begin with an introduction of the objectives of APECS-Chile nationally and internationally and the relevance of the community in Antarctic scientific development and conservation of oceans. This introduction will be headed by Dr. (c) Borras-Chavez Renato (RB), APECS current President of Chile and National Representative to international APECS. Behind this, four speakers will address four perspectives around the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic sciences exhibitions 8 minutes which then will lead to a discussion with the audience moderated by RB. The four issues to be addressed by guest:

1.- Conservation of Southern Ecosystems (Marine Protected Areas)

2.- Conservation of Southern Ecosystems (Science and human activity)

3.- Southern Ocean Governance (Science and Public Policy)

4.- Science Jóven in the southern ecosystems and their impact on the international community

After all panelists make their talks, there will be a discussion between the audience and the panelists moderated by RB.

We invite all attendees of the XL Congress of Sea Sciences to participate in this discussion group, activity performed on Friday 29 of May, on the premises of the University of Magallanes, starting at 14:30 pm.