Dr. Jonatha Giddens

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Desenho do oceano mais próxima: tecnologia de imagem no fundo do oceano como inovador e uma abordagem científica integrada-art fornecer janelas e espelhos para o alto-mar


Dr. Jonatha Giddens is an ocean ecologist, fellow at the National Geographic Society Labs where she is conducting global research on deep-ocean ecosystems while inspiring people to care about the sea through the science, art, and storytelling of deep-ocean exploration. Dr. Giddens is leading biodiversity analyses to illuminate the biogeographic patterns and ecological relationships in the deep ocean. Moreover, Dr. Giddens is developing an art-science integration methodology. Her vision is to share this approach with others who are interested in bringing art and narrative storytelling to their research, to build capacity for the next generation of planetary stewards.

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