1. Biological types in marine phytoplankton: Recent explorations through the oceans of the world
    speaker: Drag. Marta Estrada
  2. Drawing the ocean closer: How innovative deep-ocean imaging technology and an art-integrated science approach provide windows and mirrors into the deep-sea
    speaker: Drag. Jonatha Giddens
  3. Antarctic marine science: Relevance, status and future challenges
    speaker: Dr. José Carlos Caetano Xavier
  4. Understanding and protecting Antarctic marine biodiversity in a changing world
    speaker: Dr. Huw Griffiths
  5. Marine biodiversity in a changing world: Evidence from genomics and ancient DNA
    speaker: Dr. Jonathan Waters
  6. To be confirmed
    speaker: Francis Perez
  7. Scientific diving as a tool for studying biodiversity and its applications in Antarctica
    speaker: Dr. Javier Cristobo