26 of May 2020

Carnival Sciences: Sirena eyes

Cultural Center of Punta Arenas


We invite the community of Punta Arenas to participate in this the second version of Sirena eyes. Activity performed on Tuesday 26 of May, in the Cultural Center of Punta Arenas, starting at 15:00 pm.


In addition to the Conversatorio, It will be made the second version of the activity: Eyes Sirena II, which will be held at the Carnival of Sciences, the parallel activity XL Congress of Sea Sciences, with the aim of making visible women of Sciences of the Sea.

This time, It will be presented to the community of Punta Arenas two prominent marine biologists: Catalina Velasco Charpentier (Regional Director of the Foundation Mar and Science, Science doctoral candidate in Antarctic and sub UMAG and NatGeo Explorer 2020) and Pamela Santibanez Ávila (PhD, in Ecology and Environmental Sciences and SEREMI Current Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation Austral Macrozone).

Finally the activity will be the workshop: comprehensive approach to sexuality, from a gender perspective, participatory and reflective activity on human sexuality, society and sex education.